CLIENT: Monash University

As a close cousin of TEACHBACK, Checkback also works to ensure effective communication takes place between clinicians and patients during health appointments. Fundamentally the process involves the recipient of information confirming they have understood the fundamentals of what has been communicated by repeating the instructions provided, but in their own words. The difference between Teachback and Checkback is that the former process is instigated by the clinician or the communicator while in the case of Checkback the process is initiated by the recipient of that information, often the patient.

Checkback is a Monash University project developed by Assoc. Professor Alison Beauchamp and freelance Health Communications specialist Julieanne Hilbers. Checkback is a new generation learning tool for Inky Smudge utilising the powerful Greensock tweening engine to provide intuitive displays of content and interactivity.
In many cases content is initially hidden and then revealed at specific points in the evolution of the learning narrative. Scrolling positions trigger forward progression through the narrative allowing content to be supplied (and removed) based on its relevancy to the storyline.

Inky Smudge worked with Beauchamp and Hilbers to translate their learning narrative into an interactive web-based storyline. Original graphical designs were developed, video assets were created, and the structure of this storyline was built to guide viewers through a meaningful accumulation of knowledge and process, improving the confidence that patients may feel when visiting their local GP or health professional.


Checkback Interactivity