‘Racism Harms – Act On It’


Racism Harms - ACT ON IT

A very politically sensitive subject within the health sector confronting the ways that racism can be expressed between clinicians, from patients to clinicians and vice-versa. This nine minute presentation opened a district-wide examination of the issue and provided springboards into wider discussions around how to combat prejudice in all its forms within the health sector.

Inky Smudge created a series of interviews with clinicians (performed by actors) who recounted actual experiences of racism by patients and clinicians, that anchored the audience in the reality of life and work in their district. Then a series of Bystander dramas were created where clinicians were faced with opportunities to stand up for those who were subjected to racist attitudes either of patients or of clinicians, and the question was asked in each case ‘Would you stand up for this person?’

Segments were book-ended by statements made by the Director of the Local Health District reminding his staff that these issues were real and that the district was determined to stamp out such prejudicial behaviour.
Inky Smudge was involved in script consultation, filming and post-production.