ShishaNoThanks – video

Two videos raising consciousness amongst users of Shisha (waterpipe) of the immediate and severe dangers to their health as identified by the World Health Organisation


Bruce has had a Fall

'Bruce Has Had a Fall' illustrates the challenge negotiated by non-verbal individuals, often with intellectual disability, as they negotiate the health system. Bring on the A2D folder!


Refugee Mental Health

Two moving refugee stories of Rohinga people from Myanmar escaping life-threatening persecution, and their problematic attempts at starting a new life in Australia



A NSW Health Priority Populations initiative to improve the mental health of different ethnic and refugee populations through the art of mindfulness


Get Healthy for Surgery

Great advice from the Sutherland hospital and Community Health Service - how to get yourself in the best shape ahead of major surgery. It make a huge difference to your recovery!


Health Beliefs

A seven-part series of videos examining issues that arise when Western medicine is implemented in a variety of cultural settings


CALD Assist

NSW Health needed a video to promote CALD Assist - an App that allows practitioners to ask simple questions of patients in a range of languages when interpreters are not available



A sister project to Schoolkit, Codesignkit looks at how a clinical model can be developed by and with a disability community, in this case with families who experience Angelman Syndrome



A video that showcases the unique multidisciplinary clinical model developed by the Metro Regional Intellectual Disability Unit in conjunction with Cairnsfoot Special School for assisting young people with complex needs through difficult transition points in their development