People With a Disability Australia

National Redress Scheme

PWDA National Redress Scheme

People With a Disability Australia received funding to provide support for its members who may be considering applying for compensation through the National Redress Scheme for Survivors of Institutional Sexual Abuse. The struggle the organisation was experiencing was multiple – helping their members to become aware of the scheme and its potential for Redress, helping them to understand how the scheme worked, but ultimately creating trust in that group that as a non-government organisation they would act as an advocate for the needs of the group rather than as an arm of government bent on limiting redress.

The organisation engaged Inky Smudge to assist in the development of a script for a hybrid video/animation that would attempt to achieve all of the above (no mean feat). It was decided that the best method was to speak to existing beneficiaries of the scheme and hear how the Redress Scheme had made a genuine difference in their lives. Inky Smudge used video to tell these stories interspersed with animation to clarify some of the more complex elements of how the scheme operated.

Inky Smudge was involved in initial concepts, script writing, meeting accessibility requirements, filming, animating and post-production.