Cervical Screening promotions

CLIENT: Priority Populations – NSW Health

Over a period of some years Inky Smudge has worked with the Priority Populations unit in NSW Health to create a large range of graphical and printed material promoting the need to increase the uptake of cervical screening services – particularly in specific targeted populations.

This ongoing promotion has seen a range of material produced from videos to brochures, flyers, posters and postcards. The original idea was created for a group of women who could represent a range of cultural and language groups. This collection expanded over time as more and more women from different backgrounds were seen as benefiting from the program.

Other departments within the SESLHD found this idea of a group of women drawn graphically representing all the major languages of the region useful and this initial idea has expanded in many different directions and been taken up by several departments within NSW Health. Some examples are shown at left.