Women’s Health Factsheets

CLIENT: Population and Community Health, SESLHD (NSW Health)

The SESLHD put together a Women’s Health Strategy document in response to poor health outcomes for women in the region. In the district, women make up half the population, however they are more likely to experience poor outcomes from some diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, and more likely to experience or witness domestic and family violence, and sexual assault.  The following areas were identified as priority areas for improved health outcomes:

  • Lifestyle-related chronic disease
  • Mental health and social wellbeing
  • Nutrition and physical activity/healthy weight
  • Screening
  • Reproductive and sexual health
  • Tobacco, drugs and alcohol
  • Violence

Inky Smudge was tasked with translating the study, the statistics identified and the pathways to improved health outcomes into a series of engaging visual factsheets that would assist health workers to understand the current state of women’s health in the SESLHD and develop new policy to address the issues arising.