Al Noori Muslim School

The Al Noori Muslim School is a leading primary and secondary Muslim school in Sydney’s inner-west. Our video team first visited the school to produce media assets for their requirements but it soon became clear that they very much needed a new website. The key quality in our thinking around how to present the new look & feel of the website was confidence. The parents of prospective students of the school had to feel confident that the school was highly professional in the way it managed education and that they had struck the right balance between the secular and religious demands of the process of learning.

Al Noori has large numbers of students in the top cohort of ATAR ranking and this represents a great source of pride for the school staff, for its students and their parents. Inky Smudge knew that it needed to match that quality of pride by reflecting those values in the way the site was constructed and appeared to its audience.

Inky Smudge provides ongoing support on a monthly basis, ensuring the website remains up-to-date at all times, and this represents a cost-effective use of AlNoori resources.