The StrokeEd Collaboration is a group of active physiotherapists (some officially retired although you wouldn’t know it) who specialise in Stroke recovery. Originally presenting lectures and workshops the world over, the Covid era has seen the focus shift to a mixture of education delivered face-to-face and over video link. The Collaboration’s intention is to improve global understanding of the best evidence-based methods for assisting the recovery of stroke survivors. It is also a business which strives to provide a viable income for its growing number of members so that the work may continue indefinitely.

Originally StrokeEd only offered two workshop types but this has expanded to eight now and their new website needed to be capable of evolving as they evolved. A calendar of all their events has been a critical element in assisting their global audience to time their participation. The reach of video workshops now means that more participants are benefiting from the lifelong experience these specialist practitioners have to offer.