CLIENT: The Australian Wool Exchange

The Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX) provide a service to the Australian wool industry and to its market by providing a certification process that allows wool growers to declare their credentials in their management of farm environment, animal welfare and clip quality. They do so by a complex online and offline certification process and our role was to create a sophisticated form-to-email mechanism utilising conditional logic to navigate Growers through a stepped qualification process. The large number of questions asked of Growers meant that AWEX did not want Growers to field questions that were not relevant to their specific circumstances. The conditional logic allowed is to achieve this.

In addition of course the website needed to represent a leading entity within the sector and provide an outlet for publications, news items. Subsequent to site launch Inky Smudge has developed a simplified certification renewal process that obviates the need to Growers to tackle the full form each year, allowing them to simply specify how their situation has varied since their initial application.